Bolton, Quebec, Canada
Completed in 2021
Contractor : Construction Muuk
Photography : Phil Bernard

A landscape of changes: cold wind and snow, then the sun and the green forest, then the bright colors of the fall…

Spa Bolton par Muuk architecture - vue intérieur du spa

The goal of creating a space with simple and clear lines. Cedar shingles, concrete slabs and glass panels for a mix of reflections and textures. Architecture amongst trees and rocks. Also, a path. A trail, between the rocks, gently rising.

The vision? A space where people relax and whisper. A room where fire lives and warms the skin. Where eyes gaze at the river in the background.
A space to retreat, to feel the heat.
Also, a space to feel the touch of the wind! And swim in the water! A pool, of course. Enter slowly, step by step, and sink in the hot water. Close your eyes. Breathe in. Sometimes the music of the rain falling on you. Always, the sound of the rushing river.
Modern, vibrant, welcoming and luminous. A project by Muuk Architecture in collaboration with Spa Bolton. Built by Construction Muuk in collaboration with a team of professionals. Works completed at night for even more poetry...